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Believing is the most important thing in this world but work hard to make your dreams come true


april 20, 2014 ♡ happy 24th birthday to deer boy luhan! thank you for another 12 months of blessing us with your miraculous presence. you’ve barely changed since debut~ you’re still nervous around mics, you still have the same few lines prepared to say to the fans, and you still love everyone just as much as before. you’re the same boy from beijing who began to realize his dreams in seoul, and hopefully we can continue to be the strength you need in order to reach even higher in the future. 永远爱你, 支持你, 生日快乐!

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♪ Call me baby ♫

Chocked…. Truly, I couldn’t breathe for 5 seconds!! :O

>Happy Birthday to my beloved prince.

Wish you lots and lots of bliss, I hope you keep fulfilling all your dreams. I hope you remain always as a caring, talented, kind, loving, funny, sympathetic , ++++ person. From the beginning you have been an inspiration to me, your voice was the only one who could make me sleep at night. Thank you very much for making me smile, make me feel loved. Remember I’ll always be beside you and supporting you from afar. I hope you have a very nice birthday and one day you show up at my house and ask me marriage (optional). 

love you my little prince♥

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I see Xiumin everywhere now!! So fine that all the Exotics finally understood how amazing he is!! By the way it’s true than he’s becoming more and more beautiful!! Blond hair = angel’s effect!! *o*


after taking their final bow at the end of their greeting party in japan, suho pulls an emotional tao closer to him and holds his hand for a while, even intertwining their fingers together

So cuuuute!! A real leader!! :^)

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I gonna kill you! XD

Time Lapse in Seoul, South Korea

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isn’t he cute omg ♥

isn’t he cute omg ♥

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kim jongdae щ(ಠ益ಠщ)

kim jongdae щ(ಠ益ಠщ)

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